Okay so the COOLEST thing that happened at Motor City Comic Con was this: I was seated next to comic inker Jason Moore, and on Saturday we talked a bit about inking and I gave him a copy of To Be Seen. He said he liked my work and if I wanted to I could draw something creepy for him to ink on Sunday. So uh, of course I did!! And when he gave it back to me (first picture, raw scan) I just about puked in excitement. I freaked out so hardcore omg it’s amazing. Slapped on some quick colors and here it is for you to look at.

He even managed to make my lumpy plants look cool, I can never do good plants, I only ever draw like little cucumber shapes sticking out of the ground, ugh this guy was just saturated in years and years of inking experience. He just got back into comics after taking a long break and he told me that while all his contacts are in creepy horror comics what he’d really like to do is some Adventure Time or Muppets stuff.

I wanna ink like dis!!!

  • 19 May 2014
  • 204